Slope Stability 2020 Symposium Online Event platform


After careful research and consideration into the best online platform on which to present the Slope Stability 2020 Symposium Online Event, the ACG is partnering with Intrado, a specialist in virtual conferencing, with an appealing visual and interactive experience for attendees, and an exceptional offering for sponsors with two virtual exhibition halls, virtual booths and the ability to interact in real-time with attendees, presenters and exhibitors.

To view a short demo of an example online event, click here. Some basic details will need to be entered to register for the demo.

Up to 35 hours of symposium programme content will be available to the attendees. This was offered live as per the symposium programme, and is now available on demand until 17 August 2020.

With a target audience of open pit mining operators and professionals who can no longer attend a physical event, the ACG team is committed to continuing the provision of technology transfer by offering remote learning opportunities. As such, the ACG is delighted to host this event online and open this opportunity up to everyone, regardless of location.

The Slope Stability 2020 Symposium papers are freely available from the ACG Online Repository.


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